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Prof Ardavan Amini         Dr. Luis Hernandez-Munoz                  Dr. Mahir Arzoky                Ms. Preenita Dhunny



Our Partners


Redpill offers a suite of integrated tools for city planners, developers, building owners, operators and others involved in creating and running efficient cities and infrastructure for the future.


Dr. Robin Daniels

Urbanetic is transforming the built environment – the way it is designed and managed. They build innovative and highly intuitive software tools that aim to cut ‘time-to market’ of a development by an order of magnitude, help design for sustainability, and significantly improve our understanding of the built environment with the complex and dynamic nature of interrelationships of its components.

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Mr. Saibal Das Chowdhury                Mr. Aram Kocharyan 


Digital Birmingham is influencing the use of technologies to deliver inclusive and local solutions to encourage and develop skills that will enable Birmingham businesses and citizens to exploit the economic, environmental and social benefits of digital innovation.

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        Mr. Raj Mack                              Ms. Nikki Spencer


Future Cities Catapult a global centre of excellence on urban innovation. A place where cities, businesses and universities come together to develop solutions to the future needs of cities. Focused squarely on the challenge of urban integration: how cities can take a more joined-up approach to the way they plan and operate. Based in the heart of London, our role is to get people working together to solve real challenges faced by real cities right now.


          Mr. Stefan Webb